Dear LegalShield Associates,

We’re deeply saddened by LegalShield’s unilateral decision to terminate our business relationship. Effective Monday, September 28th, LegalShield has requested that we end all Associate training, marketing, and sales support; including, but not limited to:

― One More Customer Networking Program
― Prospecting (Go Walk Your Community) Platform & Program
― LegalShield Business Plan Digital Proposal Tools
― LegalShield Business Plan + Supplement Marketing & Back Office Websites
― LegalShield Business Professionals Recruiting Website
― LegalShield SmallBiz Certification Training Program & On-Demand Archives
― LegalShield SmallBiz Marketing Materials
― LegalShield Associate Support (phone, chat, email, etc.)

Considering that this decision was made solely by LegalShield, we respectfully ask that you direct all questions and concerns to LegalShield leadership at this time. You can contact Associate Services at 580-310-5825 with any further questions.

Thank you for your understanding.

We’ll be in touch,