GoSmallBiz.com Membership Experience Demo Tool

To showcase the GoSmallBiz.com member experience to your SmallBiz prospects and clients, use the online demo tool!

Demo GoSmallBiz.com member benefits like a pro!

Step 1: Visit demo.gosmallbiz.com

Step 2: Click the “Login” button to launch the demonstration. To make the demo as efficient as possible, it is focused on the most important aspects of each application. Active links and features on each page are highlighted in flashing orange. In addition, each section has pre-written explanations to help aid your presentation.

Step 3: As a presenter, you have two demo options: Guided or Non-Guided.

Guided Demo: For a guided demo, click the orange box on the right side of the screen, which says, “Learn more about this app.” A pop-up box will give information on the feature that is currently open. Continue this process while moving through the menu items on the top to provide a complete demo.

Non-Guided Demo: If you’ve had a conversation with your prospect and know their exact needs, you can go directly to the relevant applications without using the guided pop-ups. For example, if you learned that they need a website and an employee handbook, go directly to the “Applications” tab and click on the Website Builder to look at that feature right away, and then HR Communications for the employee handbook immediately afterward.

See how GoSmallBiz.com does it!

If you need additional guidance, view the member tutorial video below to see how the GoSmallBiz.com customer support team demonstrates the features to new members: